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to Administrative Court – Montana site

According to the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Code, promulgated SG No. 30 dated 11 April 2006, in effect from 12.07.2006, the establishment of 28 administrative courts has been envisaged. The new administrative courts have the same seats and legal regions as the seats and legal regions of the district courts. One of the new administrative courts is the Administrative Court – Montana. The court staff is set up on the grounds of the verdict of the Supreme Judicial Council, which defines the number of the judges and the court clerks. The Administrative court – Montana disposes of regular vacancies for 5 judges, 1 junior judge and 18 court clerks. After a competition held and according to Verdict № 49 dated 28.11.2006 and Verdict № 51 dated 29.11.2006 of the Supreme Court Council, five judges have been appointed in the Administrative Court of Montana – Ognyan Evgeniev, Biserka Boycheva, Maria Nitsova, Momchil Taralanski and Reni Tsvetanova.

According to n §4 of the transitional and final provisions of the Administrative Procedure Code, the administrative courts have started to hear cases from 01.03.2007. The administrative courts will carry out the surveillance regarding the precise and uniform application of the laws in the administrative justice. The administrative courts will consider complaints and protests against administrative acts, issued by the Administration –heads of institutions, regional governors, municipalities’ mayors, acts, issued by the specialized administrative authorities, incl. acts against their denials (express or implicit) to issue a requested by the interested person administrative act; complaints and protests against unfounded acts and acts of omission on the part of the Administration and against any illegal enforcement. One of the new activities of the Administrative Court is the possibility a compensation claim, which results from illegal acts, acts and acts of omission of the administrative authorities and the officials for damages incurred as a result of any enforcement, claims with respect to ascertainment of unauthenticity of administrative acts, of insignificancy or annulment of agreements, concluded before any administrative authority to be laid. The Administrative Court of Montana will consider also complaints and protests against any subordinate legislation of the Municipality Councils on the territory of Montana Distict.

This website will provide information about the activities of the Administrative Court – Montana. The willingness of the judges and the clerks of the Administrative Court is trough our work to win the public confidence in the judiciary as a whole and particularly in our court. In addition, the desire of the Court Administration is to reach maximum transparency in its work, as we will appreciate any signals set by the citizens and the legal entities – parties to a case, aimed at improvement of the work of the Court Services.